The Duties of a US House of Representative

Posted July 8th, 2011 by bradleyforhouse

The duties of a US House of Representative may generally involve the initiation of legislative properties, impeachment of government officials and the appointment of the next president to The White House. This chamber owns the second spot for the presidential position. The 435 members of this chamber are chosen through direct votes from the citizens of the United States.

There is a presiding officer for this legislative chamber known as the Speaker of the House. The speaker will serve as the leader for this particular chamber and thus his acquisition of a considerable power over the members. With his concluding role as a leader is his position to adapt to the party that would cast a greater number of members. The speaker will assume the head of the majority group. He may have the right during the voting process but he is not expected to participate during debates. By this, since he works as the leader he must showcase a balancing act.

The members are expected to portray a role that would represent the views of the American citizens. Then, the initiation of legislative properties incorporates the need for law making procedures. Therefore, they are expected to create those laws that would help a lot of people. One major task with regards to this matter is the ability of a House of a Representative to pass a revenue bill. With this, there is a great possibility to protect a taxpayer’s income because this chamber is anticipated to provide the most beneficial laws on revenue.

Since a member of The House of Representatives has his own state to stand for. He has the ability to develop and improve the state that he is representing. There is a corresponding responsibility to manage and care for that certain state. He represents a commoner’s side on the Congress and thus he is expected to provide the state’s needs as well as the necessities that a commoner might require. Generally, he thinks of his people and he represents these people on the Congress.

Another duty that a US House of Representative is trying to achieve is the assistance to constituents. Not merely the aid to voters but to all individuals. A representative may help in the initiation of local projects and immigration problems. Simply, a representative is the people’s resort for easier government assistance. Lawmaking may typically define the biggest role but naturally he should also carry out the role of simply being the representative of his state.

Any government official should posses a very strong personality that would eventually give him the status of reliability and dependability. However, strength is not always the main factor with this specific task. The understanding and consideration to listen and give importance to the people’s necessities is a very significant element to be a good representative. Truly, as the name suggests, a member of a US House of Representative would represent his state with an attitude that would think of the greater good.

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