Forming a group of 435 men and women in the legislative branch, the United States House of Representatives is one of the two Houses of the US Congress. They are partnered with the Senate which takes part with the other half of the Congress. Their functions are interrelated but both of them have distinct powers. A member of the House of Representatives performs a wide array of duties the most notable of which is the creation of federal legislation that affects the entire country.

House members earned votes not coming from the entire state but rather from the specific districts of the states that they come from. After their terms, people will vote again for another set of representatives. According to Article I, Section 2 of the US Constitution, there are three major qualifications of becoming a representative. A Representative must be at least 25 years old, must be a citizen of their state for seven years and must live in the congressional district in which they represent. Although, it has been a longstanding custom that the elected representative should stay in the district where they live, there is no requirement that the house representative should reside in their district when appointed already.

Just in case there is a vacancy due to some valid reasons or unexpected incident, still, the people will choose and vote for their choice. The leader of the state is not allowed to select who will take over on the position. It is the entire people who will definitely decide for it.

On the other hand, a house representative officer can be disqualified if they engaged themselves into rebellion or attempting to dishonor the Constitution. However, he may serve again if he gains the consent of the two-thirds of both houses of Congress.

It’s an excellent feeling when you become part of the House of Representatives. Yet, it is very disappointing to discover that many Americans aren’t happy with the performance of their representatives. One factor of a very low satisfactory rating is that they don’t know what exactly their job description is.

Any position is accompanied with duties and responsibilities. If you dream of becoming a member of the United States House of Representative then you have to have know that your primary responsibility is to serve the interests of the people in your district. Furthermore, you should always keep in mind that as a representative of the people, you have the obligation to act responsibly at all times.

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